Diagnostic Testing

Breast Thermography

Breast Thermographyhas the ability to detect the first signs that a cancer may be forming up to 10 years before any other procedure can detect it. Thermal imaging is ideal for pre-menopausal women, pregnant or lactating women, women who have undergone any surgical procedure, to include breast enhancement, reduction, and mastectomy. Also it is ideal for large breasted women, dense breast tissue, post menopausal women taking hormone replacement and young women who are not recommended for mammography due to dense fibrous breast tissue.

Nutrition Response Therapy

NRT is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine underlying causes of illness. The practitioner uses NRT to test the body’s neurological reflexes, performing a full body scan to determine where the nervous system is being negatively affected by a non-optimum health condition.

NES Provision

(Re)Assess the body in just seconds for a detailed analysis addressing the three critical factors for health — information, energy and physiology.Click here to learn more about NES Provision.


The ONCOblot® Test is being used to confirm cancer presence. The ONCOblot® Test provides a non-invasive next step to existing tests such as a High PSA, Abnormal Mammogram, Suspicious PET Scan and biopsies. The test is being used to identify cancer of unknown primary (CUP), for recurrence monitoring, post cancer treatments and for targeted high risk populations.

Bio-impedance Analyzer

Bio-impedance analysis is a non-invasive method to obtain a direct measure of the impedance in the human body, providing useful information such as lean body mass, fat mass and BMI, and BMR.

Hormone Testing

A variety of common complaints may have hormone imbalance as their root cause. Healthy Living Liberty Lake offers comprehensive diagnostic testing for :
  • Adrenal Dysfunction: feeling tired, rundown or overwhelmed, having difficulty bouncing back from stress or illness, feeling more alert and energetic in the evening
  • Thyroid Dysfunction: experiencing morning fatigue, depression, headaches, including migranes, having memory and concentration problems, feeling apathy
  • Sex hormone Imbalance: having insomnia, reduced sex drive, memory problems or feeling lethargic
  • Mood Imbalance: having little interest or pleasure in everyday activities, feeling loss of energy, having significant weight gain or weight loss, experiencing "brain fog" or fuzzy thinking

Neurotransmitter Testing

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers. Your brain uses these messengers to tell your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, your muscles to move and your stomach to digest. They also affect your:
  • energy levels
  • metabolism
  • mood
  • sleep
  • concentration
  • Many things can cause a neurotransmitter imbalance, including:
  • Excessive stress
  • poor diet
  • toxins
  • genetics
  • inflammation
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
Disrupting the balance between these communicatiors can cause health concerns. Neurotransmitter testing can untangle complex and recurring health contditions and get to the root problem underlying your symptoms. Neurotransmitter test results are like neural fingerprints, each on is unique and provides us with a wealth of information to treat correctly.

Sex Hormones, Adrenal Hormones and Neurotransmitters can all be assessed together.

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